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The climate in Morocco varies significantly, mainly due to the differences in elevation latitude and proximity to the sea. Morocco has a prevailing Mediterranean climate. It is usually characterized by high temperatures and low rainfall. The climate is more moderate the north and northwest, in particular along the coast, where the sea breeze relieves from heat. The northern and north-western parts of the country are also the wettest with rainfall in the order of 500 mm or more every year. Except for the high mountains, the extremely hot temperatures of nearly 45°C in summer are typical, particularly in the Sahara. Winters are usually mild. The high mountains are covered with snow for several months with very cold temperatures in the regions and neighbouring cities. There’s virtually no rainfall in the Sahara. Despite the cold winter weather, the sunny days are plentiful all year round in Morocco.

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1 Moroccan Dirham (MAD 1) ≈ €0.1095

1 Moroccan Dirham (MAD 1) ≈ $0.0965

1 Moroccan Dirham (MAD 1) ≈ £0.070

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Exchange offices and ATMs at the airport

The arrivals area at Marrakech airport terminal 2 has a currency exchange office and an automatic teller machine. Terminal 1 has two currency exchange offices in the arrival hall and one in the departure hall. If the exchange office is closed when you arrive, it is recommended that you take a small walk through the car park all the way to the other terminal. At ATMs, check the Maestro, Cirrus or Plus logos to make sure that the machine accepts foreign credit cards. Beware as some of the ATMs work only in French. If your card is held back by the ATM, please inform the airport security which will help you get it back.

With your money in your pocket, you are ready to leave!

Moroccan Dirham can only be obtained in Morocco. Foreign currencies and travellers’ cheques can only be exchanged at official exchange offices which are identifiable by a golden sign. Exchanging money in the street is illegal. There is no commission charge and visitors will be issued with a receipt which they must keep in order to convert Moroccan Dirham back into their national currency prior to their departure.

Credit cards

MasterCard and Visa are accepted everywhere in Morocco.

Traveller’s cheques

International traveller’s cheques are accepted. Travellers are advised to take traveller’s cheques in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars.

Currency restrictions

It is strictly forbidden to import or export the Dirham; all local currency must be reconverted prior to departure. Import and export of any other currency is authorized and unlimited.  However, currency exceeding 15,000 Dirham must be declared.

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